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How can I book functions or get full promotional details on Picnic meetings?

Visit the Country Racing Victoria website for detailed information on Picnic racetrack meetings.

What are the key attractions of Picnic Racing?

Picnic racing provides a more casual atmosphere than professional racing, without restrictions on dress code and allows patrons to bring their own food and beverages (includes alchohol except for Mansfield) to tracks. This combines to make it a cost effective way to attend the races, basically you can treat it as you would a family picnic.

What is the best form of dress for Picnic Racing?

Picnic tracks do not typically have grandstands but more grassed areas and Marquees. It is advisable to dress for the weather, keep shoes casual so you can enjoy the experience by walking to the parade and betting rings as well as race viewing areas. Visit the All About the Picnics page to get an idea of the atmosphere of picnic racing.

What is the best time to arrive at the racetrack?

If you want to set yourself up in some of the best shaded locations using the racetrack picnic tables it is best to arrive before midday. Even if setting up your own umbrella or shade structure it pays to be early, especially on Cup days or public holidays when meetings attract higher numbers of patrons.

What betting facilities are available?

Full betting is available via On-Course totalisators or bookmakers betting on local and Melbourne/Interstate races.

Do Bookmakers and the Totalisator take credit cards?

You will need cash to be able to bet with on course bookmakers and/or the tote. Most tracks have an ATM on course but it is recommended you organise your cash before arriving at the track.