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This website has been developed to provide a guide to Picnic Racing. The site aims to help patrons understand what it is like to attend the Picnics, provide regular news, a calendar of events, photos/race replays and racing results throughout the picnic racing season. Although some general information is provided to promote picnic racing, patrons should refer to the Country Racing Victoria website for all official promotional information and online booking services for Picnic Club marquees and ticketing bookings.
If you are a first time Picnic racegoer you may find it beneficial to visit the “All About the Picnics” page to get a good visual insight to some of the typical happenings at the Picnic Races.
This site is provided by and any feedback from clubs or patrons is welcome. Feel free to offer any feedback via email:

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the unique experience of the picnics.