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Yea Stewards 25th January 2020
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Saturday 25th January 2020


Good 4, upgraded to Good 3 retrospective to Race 1.









Stewards Panel:

Mrs J McSwain, Mr G Hausfeld



Uwouldntbelieveit After leaving the mounting yard refused to proceed to the barriers. Stewards ordered the late scratching of Uwouldntbelieveit at 1.18pm. All monies bet for a win and/or place and concession betting on the late scratching to be refunded. All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket: Win Bets 12 cents, Place Bets (For Winner) 14 cents, Place Bets (For 2nd) 16 cents. All monies bet after the Stewards declaration of withdrawal to be paid at face value of ticket. Trainer J Thompson was notified that the mare is now suspended from racing until such time as she trials to the satisfaction of Stewards.

Barts Choice Laid in under pressure near the 100 before being straightened by its rider.

Jay Vee Tee Raced wide without cover. Performed poorly. Rider L Taylor explained the gelding raced greenly and failed to respond to his riding when placed under pressure near the 600m. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormality.

Race 2 RBS GROUP TROPHY (1) hANDICAP - 1200 metres:

Grazie Mille Slow to begin.

Molly Dook Steadied near the 200m when awkwardly placed on the heels of Rets which shifted out slightly before being straightened.

Rets Jumped away awkwardly. When over racing near the 1000m was steadied to avoid the heels of Reward The Misses and in doing so shifted out abruptly. Raced wide without cover for the remainder as a result.

Trust In Time Hampered at the start.

At Large Raced in restricted room to the inside of So I Am over the concluding stages and as a result went to the line without being fully tested.

So I Am Rider J Sanders was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR132(7)(a)(i) for using his whip in consecutive strides on two occasions prior to the 100m.

Race 3 mICHAEL j FIELDING MAIDEN PLATE - 1300 metres:

Ever Loved A Woman Late scratching at 7.39am. Trainer P Lang was reprimanded for failing to scratch by the prescribed time. Stewards took into account his good record.

Algeria Bumped at the start and lost ground.

All Aglow Again Raced wide without cover from the 800m.

Madam Vestal Near the 1100m was checked and momentarily shifted out to avoid the heels of Caitlin Emily (C King) when the pace slackened. C King was reminded of her obligations under the rules and advised to exercise greater care in similar circumstances.

Anges Jumped awkwardly. Near the 1100m when over racing was tightened for room between Hyperion Angel and Madam Vestal which momentarily shifted out when the pace slackened. Anges then bumped with Hyperion Angel resulting in Plenty Of Fish which was following being hampered.

Plenty Of Fish Hampered near the 1100m


Norsika Performed below market expectations. Rider C Pace explained that the mare travelled well and commenced to improve into the race nicely before weakening when placed under further pressure from the 200m. She added that in her opinion Norsika would derive benefit from todays run.

Ilgattino Approaching the 1100m had to be steadied and was taken inwards when tightened for room by Merry Magic (L Taylor) which shifted in. L Taylor was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR131(a) and advised to exercise far greater care in similar circumstances in future.

Georgies Luce Near the 1100m was hampered when tightened for room to the inside of Ilgattino which was taken in by Merry Magic.

Merry Magic Jumped awkwardly.

Good Verdict Slow to begin. Over raced in the early stages.

Shadow Omen Crowded for room shortly after the start between Ilgattino and Georgies Luce

Never Tempted Rider J Sanders was fined the sum of $100 under the provisions of AR132(7)(a)(i) for using his whip in consecutive strides on one occasion prior to the 100m. Stewards took into account that J Sanders was reprimanded earlier on todays program.

Race 5 RODWELLS YEA CUP 2020 - 2140 metres:

Silent Protector Over the concluding stages was awkwardly placed when racing close to the heels of Grassini and went to the line without being fully tested. T Johnson rider of Silent Protector pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions of AR132(7)(a)(11) for excessive whip use, the particulars being that she used her whip on 14 occasions (nine more than permitted) prior to the 100m. T Johnson had her license to ride in races suspended for a period of two picnic race meetings to commence at midnight 26th January 2020 and to expire at midnight 8th February 2020. Stewards took into account her record and the excessive nature of the breach on this occasion.

McGill raced wide without cover throughout. Rider C Kirkpatrick viewed the photo finish image prior to the declaration of correct weight and agreed with the judges decision.

Riverina Explorer Stood flat footed (4 Lengths). Trainer R Stephens was notified a warning would be placed against the geldings record and that repetition may lead to action being taken.


Annas Mystique Raced wide without cover for the majority of the event.

Sinister Sums Rider T Johnson got her whip caught in the right rein near the 300m.

Mississippu Grace Over the concluding stages raced in restricted room between Blunderbuss and Go Ferrando.

Go Ferrando Slow to begin.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Uwouldntbelieveit

Race 3 Plenty Of Fish

Race 5 Dont Shoot

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 1 Good Verdict (winner)

Race 3 Anges (winner)

Race 5 McGill (winner)

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 1 Uwouldntbelieveit (Stewards 1.18pm)

Race 3 Ever Loved A Woman (Stewards 7.39am)


Race 4 J Sanders ($100 whip use)


Race 3 P Lang (fail to scratch by prescribed time)

Severe Reprimands:

Race 2 J Sanders (whip use)

Race 4 L Taylor (careless riding)


Race 5 T Johnson- whip use (2 picnic meetings midnight 26/01/2020 midnight 08/02/2020)

Horse Actions:

Race 1 Uwouldntbelieveit Suspension satisfactory trial (pre race behaviour)

Race 5 Riverina Explorer Warning stood flat footed.





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