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Woolamai Stewards 4th January 2020
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Woolamai & District Racing Club


Saturday, 4th January 2020


Good 4 upgraded to Good 3 at 1:55pm after Race 2.









Stewards Panel:

Ms. Kirsten Vanderzeil (Chair) & Mr. Simon Carey

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




Leigh Taylor

Dani Walker

Delayed enroute

Race 1 the hmr heritage trophy - 1708 metres:

Following the running of the race rider S. Noble was examined by the doctor and treated for minor asthma concerns.

Race 2 cavallo reigns handicap - 2008 metres:

Eyes Are Blue (GB) Slow to begin. Laid in under pressure in the straight.

Step On It Raced keenly in the early stages.

Manny Over-raced in the early stages.

Mr Gogarty Raced wide without cover from the 1200 metres until passing the 900 metres.

Race 3 mickey gordon island dash - 1008 metres:

Nil report.

Race 4 thompsons woolamai park cup - 1508 metres:

Correct weight was delayed allowing rider S. Cooper (Rileys Rocket 2nd Placegetter) to view the Stewards patrol film before deciding not to proceed with an objection.

Celestial Sky Began awkwardly and lost ground. Raced four wide without cover in the middle stages.

Rileys Rocket (NZ) Near the 1300 metres carried wider by Riohsei which when racing ungenerously shifted out. Near the 1000 metres was hampered and carried out by Bellator which shifted out when hanging out.

Riosei Raced ungenerously in the early stages. Near the 1300 metres shifted out abruptly.

Bellator Over-raced in the early stages. Near the 1000 metres shifted out abruptly and raced three wide without cover from this point. Rider M. Morris reported that the gelding hung out in the middle stages placing her at a disadvantage. Trainer J Laing was advised that a warning will now be placed on the gelding and should it perform in a similar manner in future further action may be taken.

What Logic Slow to begin.

Race 5 tj memorial maiden - 1508 metres:

Barts Choice Slow to begin then steadied off the heels of Ever Loved A Woman which shifted out shortly after the start. Raced ungenerously until passing the winning post on the first occasion.

Evening Spice Raced three wide without cover until passing the 1000 metres.

Ever Loved A Woman Shifted out shortly after the start. Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. Near the 1000 metres when racing keenly had to be steadied when placed awkwardly to the inside of the heels of Sea Flash.

J. Eady rider of Ever Loved A Woman pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions AR132(7)(a)(ii) in that he used his whip 12 times prior to the 100 metres. J. Eady has his License to ride in races suspended for a period to commence midnight 11th January 2020 and to expire midnight 12th January 2020 (1 picnic race meeting). In assessing penalty Stewards took into account J. Eadys good record, his guilty plea and the totality of his whip use.

Race 6 grantville & district community bank trophy - 1008 metres:

Nil report.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 - Youngstown

Race 2 Step On It

Race 4 Maldonado (NZ)

Race 4 What Logic

Race 6 Nankervis

Post-race samples from following horses:

Race 3 Elusive Shine, Winner

Race 4 Riohsei, Winner

Race 5 Evening Spice, Winner

Raceday Summary


Race 5 J Eady, whip use

Horse Actions:

Race 4 Bellator, Warning



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