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Mansfield Stewards 1st January 2020
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Wednesday, 1 January 2020


Good 3, upgrade to Firm 2 at 2,25 retrospective to Race 1









Stewards Panel:

Mr H Brewer (Chairman), Mr J Anselmi, Mr C Pellegrino

Riding Changes / Jockey Information


Other Comments / Explanations:

The meeting was conducted under Racing Victorias hot weather policy.

Race 1 lister family maiden plate - 1150 metres:

Diplopia Flipped over on the way into the mounting yard. The mare was examined by Racing Victorias Veterinary Surgeon and declared fit to race.

Hot Rebel Knuckled badly on jumping away and as a result took several strides to recover, losing considerable ground in the process.

Jay Vee Tee Slow to begin. Rider Courtney Pace stated to Stewards that the gelding raced ungenerously for quite a few strides after this before settling, and as a result lost ground. She also stated that after having to work hard to get into the race, the gelding weakened over the latter stages of the race.

Karma Devil When questioned in respect to the geldings lack of competitiveness today, rider Chelsea Heard stated that her mount had been completely uncomfortable on todays very firm going.

General Comments Subsequent to the running of the race, Stewards upgraded the track to a Firm (2) at 2.25pm, retrospective to Race 1.

Race 2 TAC Trophy race - 1150 metres:

Magnetic Rose Had a tendency to lay out rounding the home turn.

Race 3 mansfield fertiliser trophy race (1) - 1150 metres:

Prior to correct weight, Arthur Pace trainer of second placed gelding Mustang Yabby viewed the photo finish of the race, before indicating that he was satisfied with the accuracy of the judges placings.

Mustang Yabby held up for clear running behind Little Rio rounding the home turn, before obtaining a run to that mares inside on straightening.

Tribal Myth raced wide rounding the home turn.

Race 4 sam harris family trophy race (1) - 1600 metres:

Koala Bull En route to the barriers, rider Jordan Sanders was harmlessly dislodged, and then declared fit to ride after being examined by the on course medical staff. Shortly after the start was hampered when taken out by Lil Aussie.

Wadeemas Girl Jumped away awkwardly. Shortly after this was hampered by Koala Bull which was taken out by Lil Aussie.

Lagona Slow to begin.

Lil Aussie passing the winning post the first time, had to be steadied slightly when Koala Bull rolled in. Near the 700 metres was taken wider on the course by Lagona which shifted out slightly when commencing to improve.

The Anarchist rider Tim Grace was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR132(7)(a)(ii) for using his whip on seven occasions prior to the 100 metres, two more than is permitted. In arriving at this decisions Stewards took into account the totality of his whip use, however also spoke at length to Tim Grace in respect to the manner of his usage and his worsening record in respect to whip offences, and advised him that he should expect harsher penalties in future even for minor whip offences, unless he takes action to curb the regularity of his breaches of the whip rules.

Race 5 elders merton cup - 1900 metres:

Johnny Romance Slow to begin.

Whitsunday Raced wide in the early stages before obtaining cover near the 1200 metres. Near the 400 metres had to be steadied when Dante Pierro (Craig Kirkpatrick) shifted in before being straightened by its rider. Craig Kirkpatrick was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR131(a) for allowing his mount to shift ground, and was advised that although he did straighten his mount he would be expected to do so far sooner in future.

Silent Protector Near the 400 metres, when commencing to make ground, had to be steadied off the heels of Whitsunday, which had suffered interference.

Race 6 merton traders open trophy race - 1600 metres:

Just A Gigolo Reared on jumping away and lost considerable ground (7L). Trainer Shelley Kirkpatrick was advised that the gelding would need to perform to Stewards satisfaction in a jump out prior to racing again.

Georgies Luce Slow to begin after attempting to sit down in the barriers. Stewards advised co-trainer Troy Kilgour that a warning would be placed on the mare after her poor barrier manners today, and that a repetition may attract further action. Performed below market expectations. Rider Grant Seccombe stated to Stewards that after being slow away, the mare tacked on behind the leaders quickly, but showed no dash during the latter stages of the race, and he believed that along with being slow to jump away, and perhaps not appreciating the firmness of todays racing surface, that the mare had more than likely come to the end of its preparation, and would further discuss this with the trainer. An examination of the mare subsequent to the race by RVs Veterinary Surgeon revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Karma Devil

Race 1 - My Girl Nat

Race 4 Lil Aussie

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 3 Tribal Myth (winner)

Race 5 Johnny Romance (winner)

Raceday Summary

Severe Reprimands:

Race 4 Tim Grace whip use

Race 5 Craig Kirkpatrick shifting ground when not clear


Horse Actions:

Race 6 Just A Gigolo barriers (jump out required)

Race 6 Georgies Luce barriers (warning)



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