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Mansfield Stewards 5th November 2019
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Mansfield Picnic Racing Club


Tuesday, 5th November, 2019


Soft 6






True Entire



Stewards Panel:

Mr. S Carey (Chairman) & Mr. C Pellegrino

Medical Certificate produced today:

C Pace

Other Comments / Explanations:

Prior to the commencement of the meeting Stewards with all riders engaged in Race 1 inspected a Heavy section of track near the 1400 metres owing to overnight rainfall. Following this inspection Stewards and Riders were of the opinion the section of track was safe for racing and the meeting therefore proceeded accordingly.

Race 1 bet 365 trophy RACE (1) handicap - 1100 metres:

Sheer Force Beaten $2.20 Favourite. Rider Courtney Pace reported that mare travelled well in the early stages though when placed under pressure felt amiss in its action. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to have minor lacerations to the near fore and the off hind legs. Near the 400 metres had to be steadied when placed in restricted room to the inside of Annas Mystique which after dipping and becoming unbalanced shifted in.

Annas Mystique Fractious in the barriers prior to the start. Near the 400 metres dipped and became unbalanced shifting in.

Dad N Bris Shed Slow to begin.

Following the running of this race Stewards inspected a heavy section of track near the 400 metres and deemed it suitable to race.

Race 2 foodworks maidnen plate - 1200 metres:

Korak Commenced awkwardly. Raced greenly throughout and hung in under pressure in the straight.

Classical Lady Commenced awkwardly. Rider Geoff Brunsdon was reminded of his whip use on a horse that was out of contention.

Bimmies Twin Raced three wide without cover throughout.

Strategic Reason On return to scale rider Dani Walker reported that the gelding had choked down and that she had recommended to connections to apply a tongue tie to its racing gear.

Race 3 mansfield courier trophy race (2) handicap - 1200 metres:

Delta Rose Form Update; Raced at Berrigan on the 2nd of November, 2019 in an 1100 metre BM50 finishing 6th of 7 runners, were it was beaten 8.9 lengths. Underwent a veterinary examination on arrival on course and was passed fit to race.

Grazie Mille Slow to begin. Lay in under pressure in the straight.

Riohsei Near the 75 metres was momentarily eased when Grazie Mille lay in towards Riohsei.

Lightening Rider Rider Dani Walker reported that the gelding raced flat and may have come to the end of its current preparation. Trainer Ron Hockley confirmed that the gelding would now be spelled.

Race 4 mansfield constructions open trophy handicap - 1200 metres:

Tableaux Rider Tracey Johnson pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions of AR132(7)(a)(ii) for using her whip eight times more than permitted prior to the 100m. Tracey Johnsons license to ride in picnic races was suspended for a period to commence at midnight 5th November 2019 and to expire at midnight 9th November 2019, a total of 1 picnic race meeting. In assessing penalty Stewards took into consideration Tracey Johnsons guilty plea and record in relation to the rule.

Race 5 hans grimus memorial maiden plate - 1600 metres:

In The Jungle Commenced extremely awkwardly striking rider Chelsea Heard in the face, as a result of this lost ground (5L). Trainer Annie Goble was notified that prior to accepting to race again the mare would be required to trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards. Reluctant to stride forward in the early stages and as a result trailed the field throughout. Following the running of the race Chelsea Heard was examined by the Doctor and passed fit.

Nick The Barman Performed below market expectations. Rider Courtney Pace could offer no explanation for the performance. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Kiria Lay out rounding the home turn and when under pressure in the straight. Near the 100 metres shifted out when laying out and bumped All Brown.

All Brown Near the 100 metres was bumped by Kiria which shifted out when laying out.

Race 6 MARKS SUPA IGA TROPHY RACE (3) - 1600 metres:

Star Cod - Form Update; Raced at Berrigan on the 2nd of November, 2019 in a 1400 metre BM50 finishing 5th of 7 runners, were it was beaten 5.1 lengths. Underwent a veterinary examination on arrival on course and was passed fit to race. Commenced awkwardly.

Blunderbuss Commenced awkwardly shifted in and bumped Skyschiller.

Skyschiller Bumped on jumping by Blunderbuss which shifted in before then bumping with Aladdin Sane.

Aladdin Sane Bumped on jumping by Skyschiller.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Sheer Force

Race 2 Korak

Race 5 Nick The Barman

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 2 Lima Lass

Race 3 Grazie Mille

Race 5 All Brown

Raceday Summary


Race 4 Tracey Johnson - AR132(7)(a)(ii) 1 Picnic Meeting

Horse Actions:

Race 5 In The Jungle 1 Trial




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