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Healesville Stewards 1st February2020
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Healesville Amateur Racing Club

Saturday, 1st February 2020


Good 3




Humid and Showers





Stewards Panel:

Ms. Kirsten Vanderzeil (Chair), Mr Geoff Hausfeld & Mr Simon Carey.


Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




Maxwell Keenan

Leigh Taylor

Dually engaged

Other Comments / Explanations:

Due to storm activity in the area the commencement time for Race 6 was brought forward 10 minutes to commence at 4:30pm. Public announcements were made to this effect.

Stewards opened and adjourned an inquiry into an alleged verbal altercation involving Licenced Trainers Mr Ron Hockley and Mr Don Dwyer in the wash bay and horse stall areas, following Race 6.

Race 1 the south east program alliance maiden plate - 1000 metres:

The Frisco Kid Raced ungenerously in the early stages. Raced wide without cover for the majority of the event.

Feisty Flame Near the 600m laid out across the heels of Love My Space and was steadied.

Race 2 the need for feed bushfire relief concert 29 feb trophy (3) handicap - 1000 metres:

A Good Move Hung out rounding the home turn and when placed under pressure in the home straight, placing its rider at a disadvantage. Shifted in under pressure over the concluding stages.

Single Zero Approaching the winning post was checked to avoid the heels of A Good Move (N. Baxter) which shifted in when not sufficiently clear.

Rokurokubi Raced three wide without cover throughout.

Lima Lass Slow to begin.

Maldestro Near the 250m slipped and became unbalanced, losing ground as a result.

Cost Dave A Penny Shortly after the start clipped the heels of Rokurokubi which shifted in slightly and Single Zero, which shifted out slightly. As a result, lost some ground.

Natasha Baxter (A Good Move) pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under the provisions of AR131(a) in that approaching the winning post she permitted her mount to shift ground inwards when insufficiently clear of Single Zero, resulting in that mare being checked to avoid the heels of A Good Move. In all the circumstances Natasha Baxter was suspended from riding in races for a period to commence at midnight Saturday the 8th February 2020 until midnight the 22nd February 2020 a period of 2 picnic race meetings. In assessing penalty Stewards took into account her good record, guilty plea, the racing manners of her mount and viewed the incident to be in the low range.

Stewards conducted an inspection of the racing surface near the 250m following the running of this event and deemed the track suitable to continue racing.


Jocks - Late scratching at 1:42pm by order of the Stewards, acting on veterinary advice.

Dontworry Nohurry Raced wide without cover from the 800m.

Ferrero Slow to begin.

Baby Cakes (NZ) Raced wide in the early stages until passing the 800m.

Evening Spirit Near the 250m was steadied when disappointed for a narrow run to the inside of Alsimon and as a result shifted out abruptly across the heels Alsimon and Baby Cakes to obtain clear running.

Alsimon Laid out rounding the home turn and when placed under pressure in the home straight.

Fritz N Sauce Near the 250m was hampered and carried wider by Evening Spirit, which shifted out abruptly.

Race 4 the chicago typewriter memorial classic open trophy handicap - 1200 metres:

Good Verdict Slow to begin. Raced wide without cover throughout. Performed below market expectations. A post-race veterinary examination of the gelding revealed that the gelding had sustained abrasions to both hind legs.

Merry Magic Slow to begin.

Reward The Missus Slow to begin.

Race 5 WILLS 21ST TROPHY (2) HANDICAP - 1650 metres:

Anakyn Daraxes Late scratching at 12:35pm by order of the Stewards, acting on veterinary advice.

East West Raced wide without cover for the majority of the event.

Deep In Thought Bounded on jumping and lost ground. Refused to stretch out in the early stages, losing considerable ground. Performed poorly. Rider Courtney Pace could offer no explanation for the disappointing performance. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer Mr Anthony Chibnell was advised that an official warning will be placed on the gelding.

Jousting Pulled hard in the early stages, getting its head up on several occasions.

Race 6 allard crystal mile open trophy race handicap - 1650 metres:

Prior to the declaration of correct weight, Stewards considered an objection lodged by Dani Walker rider of Bayfury, (2nd placegetter), alleging interference against Earthling (Shaun Cooper) near the 100m. It was established that near the 100m Earthling and Bayfury came together and brushed. As the Stewards did not feel that the material extent of the interference was sufficient to justify an alteration to the placings, the objection was dismissed and correct weight was declared.

Earthling Brushed with Bayfury near the 100m.

Speed Stinger Slow to begin. Raced keenly in the early stages. Raced three wide without cover from the 1000m.

Bayfury Brushed with Earthling near the 100m. Rider Dani Walker viewed the official photo finish image before agreeing with the Judges decision.

Maglev Slow to begin.

Sinister Sums Raced wide without cover in the early stages until approaching the 1000m.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Devine Tilly

Race 2 Single Zero

Race 2 Kuroyume

Race 3 Alsimon

Race 4 Howling Wolf

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 2 Kuroyume, Winner

Race 3 Fritz N Sauce, Winner

Race 4 Howling Wolf, Winner

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 5 Anakyn Daraxes 12:30pm, Vets advice

Race 3 Jocks 1:42pm, Vets advice


Race 2 N Baxter AR131(a), 2 Picnic Meetings

Horse Actions:

Race 5 Anakyn Daraxes Vet cert, Late scratching

Race 5 Deep In Thought Warning, uncompetitive

Adjourned Inquiries:

General R. Hockley & D. Dwyer





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