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Dederang Stewards 14th March 2020
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14th March, 2020


Good (4)









Stewards Panel:

Mr H Brewer (Chairman), Mr J Anselmi, Mr C Pellegrino


Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Dynamic Moss

Natasha Baxter

Tracey Johnson




Tracey Johnson

Natasha Baxter


Medical Certificate produced today:


Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:


Did not attend meeting:


Other Comments / Explanations:

Shortly after acceptances Stewards were advised of a misunderstanding in relation to the riders in race 2, and permitted Natasha Baxter and Tracey Johnson to be swapped as the respective riders for Dynamic Moss and Ferrero, and as racebook data had already been generated, announcements to this effect were made during the day.

Race 1 grossotto poll herefords, mawsons concrete& quarries & AGL maiden plate - 1350 metres:

MADAM VESTAL As no other suitable riders were on course, Stewards permitted Natasha Baxter to ride her mount claiming only 0.5kg of her 2kg allowance. Ms Baxter was advised that although no further action would be taken today, in future she may be penalised if she accepts rides for which she is unable to utilise her full claim.

KORAK Raced wide in the early and middle stages of the race. Near the 250 metres, when racing ungenerously, clipped the running rail before then shifting out abruptly.

ROYAL TYCOON Near the 1000 metres became unbalanced when racing tightly between Korak and Madam Vestal, which rolled out slightly. Passing the 150 metres had to be straightened when laying in.

RENDEZVOUS CREEK Raced wide throughout the race.

Race 2 blazeaid trophy race (2) handicap - 1350 metres:

Prior to correct weight being declared, Shaun Cooper rider of At Large requested to view the film of the race before deciding not to lodge an objection.

DYNAMIC MOSS After being loaded in the barriers became fractious and was subsequently taken out and examined by RVs Veterinary Surgeon. On veterinary advice Stewards ordered the withdrawal of the mare at 2.06pm.  Stewards ordered the following:

All monies bet for a win and/or place and concession betting on the late scratching to be refunded.

All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket:

Win Bets Baby Cakes - 29 cents

Place Bets (For Winner) Baby Cakes - 22 cents

Place Bets (For 2nd) At Large 28 cents

No third dividend or deduction.

*All monies bet after the Stewards declaration of withdrawal to be paid at face value of ticket.

Stewards advised trainer Gordon Strang that Dynamic Moss would be required to perform to Stewards satisfaction in a jump out prior to racing again.

FERRERO Raced wide throughout.

AT LARGE Near the 300 metres was steadied when attempting to take a run to the inside of Baby Cakes which had rolled off the fence slightly before then rolling back in. Rider Shaun Cooper was advised that it was indeed debatable as to whether a true run had presented itself, and that on a tight turning track such as Dederang he must ensure that sufficient room exists when attempting to take runs of this nature. Max Keenan, rider of Baby Cakes was also reminded of his obligations when shifting out, that he must ensure he is clear of other riders before allowing his mount to shift back in, however Stewards did not directly attribute any blame on this occasion.

Race 3 simpsons livestock transport trophy (1) handicap - 1000 metres:

FRITZNSAUCE Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground.

TYPHOON TIGER Had a tendency to overrace in the early stages, and then laid out rounding the turn near the 500 metres.

Race 4 its a grealy great! 0 55 handicap - 1350 metres:

SINISTER SUMS Slow to begin.

MESSIKA Raced wide without cover in the middle stages of the race.

NORDIC NOIR Rider Maddison Morris was reminded of her obligations in respect to use of the whip on a beaten horse.

Race 5 milestone dederang cup - 1650 metres:

SHADOW OMEN - Got its head up on jumping away and as a result was slow to begin.

GET YA KICKS Slow to begin. Rider Grant Seccombe stated to Stewards that while the intention was to race back, the nature of the race was such that he ended up further back than was ideal and could then not make ground in the back straight without ending up at least six wide going into the turn, but then commenced to improve from the 500 metres before finishing off its race reasonably well to place fourth. As the gelding had been well supported, Stewards also requested an examination by RVs Veterinary Surgeon, which revealed no obvious abnormalities.

BAYFURY Had to be steadied near the 450 metres when attempting to take a run to the inside of Abington Threat, which had rolled off the fence slightly. Stewards advised rider Chelsea Heard that in future she would be expected to ensure there is sufficient room when attempting to take runs of this nature, particularly on tight turning tracks such as Dederang. Noting her inexperience, time was also spent analysing sections of the race to assist with future decision making during races.

CRAZY POPS Rider Tracey Johnson pleaded guilty to charges under the provisions of rules AR132(7)(a)(i) and AR132(7)(a)(ii) in that she used the whip on her mount on fifteen occasions prior to the 100 metres, ten more than is permitted, and that ten of these strikes were completed in consecutive strides. Stewards suspended her permit to ride in picnic races for a period to commence midnight 21st March and to expire midnight 4th April 2020, a total of 2 picnic meetings. In arriving at this decision, Stewards took into account her recent record, her guilty plea and Ms Johnsons misconceptions in relation to the whip rules. Stewards also advised Tracey Johnson that while there was currently uncertainty due to the Corona virus restrictions currently being developed within the industry, they would further advise her in respect to when this two meeting suspension would be served should the programming of picnic racing change in the near future, and that she would be consulted if there is a necessity for the suspension dates to be altered to reflect this.

Race 6 alpine shire flying open trophy race handicap - 1000 metres:

CROSS OF GOLD Slow to begin.

MACCAs HERO Raced wide in the early stages of the race.

OUR BRIDGETTE Steadied near the 100 metres when Anacott Steel rolled out.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Madam Vestal

Race 1 Rendezvous Creek

Race 1 Royal Tycoon

Race 2 Baby Cakes

Race 2 Ferrero

Race 3 Shartay

Race 4 Nordic Noir

Race 5 Crazy Pops

Race 6 Shadow Omen

Race 6 -Squillosa

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 3 Fritznsauce (winner)

Race 4 Powers Lookout (winner)

Race 5 Abington Threat (winner)

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings

Race 2 Dynamic Moss (scratched at barriers on vets advice)


Race 5 Tracey Johnson (whip use)

Horse Actions:

Race 2 Dynamic Moss (jump out to satisfaction prior to starting again)








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