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Alexandra Stewards 29th February 2020
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Alexandra Racing Club


Saturday 29th February 2020


Good 4









Stewards Panel:

Ms. K Vanderzeil (Chair), Mr. S Carey & Mr. C Pellegrino

Race 1 E.s hadfield contracting trophy (1) handicap - 1540 metres:

So I Am Raced wide in the middle stages.

Race 2 willows final ride open handicap - 1540 metres:

Blunderbuss Commenced awkwardly and lost ground (3 Lengths). Raced four wide without cover in the early and middle stages. Tactics queried. When questioned regarding the tactics adopted on the gelding today, Rider T Johnson stated that she had been instructed to ride Blunderbuss in a position where it was comfortable and attempt to improve into the race from the 800 metres. T Johnson stated that after commencing awkwardly she settled further back in the field that she had anticipated, and that near the 1100 metres she allowed her mount to stride forward around Manny (NZ) in a four wide position as she was of the opinion that Manny (NZ) would not take her into the race as she had hoped. T Johnson added that in hindsight she should have waited until the 800 metres before allowing Blunderbuss to stride forward rather than working wide around the field whilst travelling up the hill, in which she had done. Stewards agreed with T Johnsons assessment and notified her that in future she would be expected to ride all her mounts in a manner that left no room for query. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Manny (NZ) Raced three wide in the early and middle stages.

Aladdin Sane Rider G Seccombe reported on return to scale that his saddle slipped on jumping.

Race 3 tom hammer trophy (2) handicap - 1300 metres:

Bellator Near the 400 metres had to be checked off the heels of Baby Cakes (NZ) after being carried in by Rets which was carried in Dynamic Moss (N Baxter).

Baby Cakes (NZ) Rider K Bailey accidently dropped her whip near the 100 metres.

Dynamic Moss Raced three wide without cover throughout.

At Large Slow to begin.

Rets Near the 400 metres was steadied when racing in restricted room to the inside of Dynamic Moss (N Baxter).

Rider N Baxter (Dynamic Moss) pleaded guilty to a charge under the provisions of AR131(a) the careless riding being that near the 400 metres she permitted her mount to shift in when insufficiently clear of Rets which was carried in and tightened the running of Bellator which then had to be checked off the heels of Baby Cakes (NZ). N Baxters permit to ride in races was suspended to commence midnight 29th of February 2020 and to expire midnight 8th of March 2020, a period of 2 picnic race meetings. In assessing penalty stewards took into account N Baxters guilty plea, good record, her mounts racing manners and viewed the incident to be in the low range.


Prior to the declaration of correct weight T Johnson rider of Kamindu (2nd Placegetter) viewed the official photo finish image before agreeing with the judges decision.

Zai Bu Zai Underwent a pre-race veterinary examination after Lizzys Kid which was in the adjacent barrier stall became fractious before being passed fit to start. Near the 500 metres was steadied when bumped by Dishys (T Grace) which shifted in when laying in. T Grace was notified to exercise greater care in similar circumstances.

Lizzys Kid Fractious in the barriers. Underwent veterinary examination before Stewards ordered the late scratching of the gelding at 3.26pm acting on Veterinary advice. All monies bet for a win and/or place and concession betting on the late scratching to be refunded.

All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket:

Win Bets Dishys - 11 cents

Place Bets (For Winner) Dishys - 11 cents

Place Bets (For 2nd) - Kamindu 14 cents

Place Bets (For 3rd) No third dividend

*All monies bet after the Stewards declaration of withdrawal to be paid at face value of ticket.

Trainer T Kilgower was notified that prior to racing again that Lizzys Kid would be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in a jump out for its barrier manners. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have a minor laceration to its poll.

Angel Toff Raced three wide without cover throughout.

Dishys Near the 500 metres lay in and bumped with Zai Bu Zai. Lay in under pressure in the straight.

Race 5 rubicon hotel motel thornton maiden plate - 1300 metres:

Oenophile Stood flat footed. (3 Lengths). Reluctant to stride forward in the early stages and as a result trailed the field in the early and middle stages.

Lil Aussie Raced three wide without cover in the early and middle stages.

Devine Tilly Near the 1100 metres when over-racing was steadied from the heels of Trinzanno.

Trinzanno Rider M Morris reported that the filly raced greenly throughout. Hung out from the 500 metres allowing Oyster to obtain a run to its inside, continued to hang out until near the 300 metres.

Race 6 your $5 for bushfire relief trophy (2) handicap - 1830 metres:

Drovers Yarn Slow to begin. Performed below market expectations. Rider T Johnson reported that her opinion the gelding felt uncomfortable on todays track conditions. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Randolph Lay out throughout and when under pressure in the straight.

All Brown Raced keenly in the early stages.

Little Cranach Lay out rounding the home turn.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Molly Dook

Race 2 Alladin Sane

Race 3 Burgundee Miss

Race 4 Zai Bu Zai

Race 6 Drovers Yarn

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 1 Molly Dook (Winner)

Race 2 Alladin Sane (Winner)

Race 3 Bellator (Winner)

Race 5 Oyster (Winner)

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 4 - Lizzys Kid Veterinary Advice 3.26pm


Race 3 N Baxter 2 Picnic Meetings 29/2/20 til 8/3/20

Horse Actions:

Race 4 Lizzys Kid Fractious in the barriers Jump out

Adjourned inquiry (RV Offices) - Debbie Waymouth   Saturday 22 February 2020

Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards have concluded an inquiry into picnic rider Debbie Waymouths failure to ride her mount out over the concluding stages when riding Nankervis in Race 5 at Woolamai racecourse on Saturday 22 February 2020. After viewing footage of the race in question and considering all of the evidence, including a veterinary report indicating that Nankervis had pulled up lame following the event, Stewards could not be satisfied that a charge for failing to ride her mount out fully to the end of the race could be sustained. However, picnic rider Debbie Waymouth was fined a sum of $100 under the provisions of AR114(2)(a) for failing to report to the Stewards that she had concerns with the action of Nankervis on pulling up when questioned by Stewards when weighing in. Further to this, she was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR128(2) for failing to gain permission to leave the racecourse.









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