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Alexandra Stewards 26th October2019
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Alexandra Racing Club


Saturday, 26th October 2019


Good 3









Stewards Panel:

Ms K. Vanderzeil (Chair), Mr C. Waller & Mr C. Pellegrino

Race 1 Mt pleasant hotel trophy race (2) handicap - 1540 metres:

The start of the race was delayed as Angelify had to be resaddled. There was then a further delay as both Blunderbuss and A Good Knight were difficult to load.

A Good Knight Difficult to load. Trainer R. Hockley was advised that the gelding must trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again.

Blunderbuss Slow to begin. Difficult to load. Trainer C. Diplock was advised that a warning was placed against the gelding.

Ponbar Finale Slow to begin. Raced wide from the 1000 metres.

Race 2 s & M notley excavations open trophy race handicap - 1540 metres:

McGill Fractious prior to the start. Slipped on jumping away.

Can Get A Witness Raced wide without cover.

Georgies Luce Rider G. Seccombe was advised that he must break up his whip use over the final 100 metres to allow his mount time to respond.

Race 3 foodworks alexandra open trophy race handicap - 1300 metres:

The start of the race was rescheduled to 2:45pm due to thunderstorm activity in the area.

Keyser Soze Change of Tactics to be ridden more forward. Settled in the lead.

Tableaux Slow to begin.

Its A Shame Billy Near the 1000 metres, was crowded for room to the inside of Kumo, which was taken inwards by Keyser Soze which in turn was taken inwards by Nordic Noir (T. Grace) which shifted in slightly. Rider T. Grace was advised to exercise greater care when in similar circumstances. Near the 500 metres, steadied when awkwardly placed on the heels of Nordic Noir. Trainer U. Clarke advised post-race that the gelding had a small laceration to the off fore.

Howling Wolf Raced three wide without cover.

Race 4 whanregarwen pastoral trophy race (2) handicap - 1300 metres:

Aladdin Sane Slow to begin.

Riohsei Began awkwardly and then attempted to buck shortly after the start. Trainer K. Southey was advised that a warning was placed against the mare.

Drexler When questioned, Rider S. Cooper reported that his instructions were to settle towards the rear of the field and to wait until after negotiating the tight home turn before placing his mount under pressure, he further added that the gelding finished off fairly in the straight, where he rode it only hands and heels as it resents the whip. Trainer P. Healey confirmed the instructions given. Performed below market expectations. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Race 5 nats final furlong maiden plate - 1300 metres:

Glimmer of Light Stewards accepted Trainer J. Peats explanation for the late declaration of rider.

Destinys Doctor Fractious in the barriers prior to the start. Began awkwardly. Rider A. Bell reported that geldings performance was disappointing. Trainer K. Evans indicated that the intention is to retire the gelding.

Superior Rose Slow to begin.

Nick The Barman Passing the 900 metres hampered and carried wider by Erodude which was over-racing. Eased to avoid the heels of Erodude (D. Walker) which shifted out rounding the home turn. Rider D. Walker was advised to exercise greater care in similar circumstances.

Erodude Passing the 900 metres got its head in the air when checked off heels whilst over-racing.

Kiria Near the 200 metres steadied outwards to obtain a run to the outside of Our Boy Cam. Rider S. Cooper reported that the mare would derive benefit from the first up performance. Performed below market expectations. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a slower than normal recovery.


In The Jungle Rider C. King was harmlessly dislodged en route to the barriers. Was examined by the on course paramedics and passed fit to ride. The mare which was recaptured shortly after underwent a pre-race veterinary examination and was passed fit to run. Slow to begin.

Royal Tycoon Performed below market expectations. Rider S. Cooper could provide no explanation for the disappointing performance. When questioned regarding the tactics adopted in the early and middle stages, specifically regarding whether he had the opportunity to restrain his mount to settle at the leaders girth rather than on terms. He stated that in the early stages he was keen to lead, but the rider to his inside maintained his position. He was therefore unable to lead outright, but as the mare was over-racing, was unable to restrain his mount and sit at the leaders girth. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Johnny Romance

Race 2 - Skyschiller

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 1 Blunderbuss, Winner

Race 3 Reward The Misses, Winner

Race 5 Jocks, Winner

Raceday Summary

Horse Actions:

Race 1 Blunderbuss, Difficult to load, warning

Race 1 A Good Knight, Difficult to load, jump out

Race 4 Riohsei, Racing manners, warning

Change of Tactics:

Race 3 Keyser Soze more forward







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