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Yea Stewards 27th January 2019
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27th January, 2019


Good (4)









Stewards Panel:

Mr H Brewer (Chairman), Mr J Anselmi, Mr C Pellegrino

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Miss Forbidden

G Brunsdon

G Seccombe

Dual Engagement

Other Comments / Explanations:

On arrival on course, Stewards inspected the track and discovered an area close to the running rail near the 1300 metres which was unsuitable for racing. Prior to the running of race 1, Stewards supervised the movement of a 25 metre section of running rail outwards by approximately one metre, which could be achieved in that area to both maintain a smooth racing line, and to avoid the unsuitable section of turf, and as such the meeting was able to continue. Stewards also noted that with recent extreme heat and significant track watering with a less than perfect sprinkler system, that some areas of the track produced slightly inconsistent going, and while a good (4) represented the majority of the track, there were sections which were somewhat softer. All riders were notified of the rail alterations and the nature of todays track prior to the commencement of racing.

Race 1 whanregarwen pastoral maiden handicap - 2140 metres:

Little Cranach Slow to begin.

My Pearl Slow to begin.

Lucas Queen Steadied near the 400 metres when racing close to heels and at this stage of the race was unable to improve its position until gaining clear running near the 300 metres.

Mr Worldwide Was reported to Stewards as making loud breathing noises on pulling up after the race. A subsequent examination by RVs Veterinary Surgeon revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Race 2 core protective trophy race (1) - 1200 metres:

DadnBris Shed Slow to begin.

Lochend Emmarose Slow to begin. Hampered near the 250 metres when Makemerich shifted in when it jumped a visibly shorter section of grass on a golf course crossing at that point of the race.

Rets Steadied near the 450 metres when racing to the inside of Hay Buddy, which rolled in when commencing to weaken.

Makemerich Shifted in near the 250 metres when attempting to jump a golf course crossing, resulting in rider C Pace becoming momentarily unbalanced. From that point weakened badly and appeared to lose its action behind. A subsequent examination by RVs Veterinary Surgeon revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Hay Buddy Rider J Virgona was reminded of his obligations in respect to use of the whip when out of contention.

Rosamond Stewards questioned rider S Cooper as to the reason he firstly got out his ground somewhat on the mare, and also as to why he failed to attempt to improve his position until passing the 500 metres. S Cooper explained that it was his intention to ride the mare quietly for as long as he could in an attempt to enable the mare to get home, but acknowledged on viewing the patrol film that he should have started to work into the race earlier than he did. Stewards took into account S Coopers relative inexperience, but nonetheless advised him that in future they would expect him to do far more to ensure that he takes every opportunity to work into the race and to ensure that does not set his mounts too large a task over the concluding stages of races. Stewards also noted that S Cooper had found himself in similar circumstances at another recent race meeting, and referred him to riders mentor Peter Hutchinson for further race analysis and advice for the future.

Race 3 roma caravans wangaratta maiden - 1300 metres:

Miss Forbidden Stewards permitted G Seccombe to replace G Brunsdon, who was dually engaged in the race, as the rider for the mare and accepted the explanation of respective trainers and riders as to the reason this occurred.

Allabout Thatbass As no other suitable rider was available, Stewards permitted rider T Lake to ride the gelding 0.5kg over its allotted weight, and advised him that in future at that weight scale he may well be replaced and possibly penalised in similar circumstances. Performed below market expectations. Rider T Lake could offer no explanation other than he thought that the gelding may have been uncomfortable with todays somewhat inconsistent track surface. A subsequent examination by RVs Veterinary Surgeon revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Punchbowl Change of tactics, to be ridden with cover. Ridden accordingly, settled midfield on the fence.

Wallach Slow to begin.

Periartie Hampered and taken in slightly near the 200 metres by Grazie Mille which was laying in under pressure. Near the 150 metres dipped slightly in the going.

Grazie Mille Raced greenly throughout the race. In the straight laid in badly under pressure and had to be straightened near the 200 metres before being allowed to shift to the fence when clear of other runners.

Race 4 mccormack open trophy - 1300 metres:

Correct weight was delayed slightly while the judge and Stewards conferred to satisfy themselves as to the correct placings of the third and fourth horses, which were slightly obscured in the photo finish. After establishing that a clear margin existed, and with no objection from riders, Stewards declared correct weight.

Stormus Had a tendency to overrace in the early stages, and near the 800 metres when continuing to overrace, was steadied when racing tightly between Norsika and Spirit Of Nia, both of which shifted ground slightly.

Bon Jovial Raced wide without cover throughout the race.

Spirit Of Nia Near the 1000 metres appeared to lose its footing behind, and raced awkwardly for some distance as a result.

Subsequent to the running of the race, Stewards along with S Noble, rider of Spirit Of Nia inspected an area of the track near the 1000 metres. Noting the variation in the going in that area, which had prevailed throughout the day, Stewards then further inspected that area of the track with all riders engaged in the last two races of the day, who unanimously determined that they were prepared to continue riding.

Race 5 rodwells ruralco property yea cup - 2140 metres:

The start of this race was delayed by approximately ten minutes due to a track inspection by both Stewards and riders subsequent to the running of Race 4.

Form Update Miss Vonlozzi raced and won at Balnarring yesterday in a 1600 metre Trophy (1) Handicap. The mare received no weight penalty for the win. RVs Veterinary Surgeon examined the mare and passed her fit to race today.

Fold Raced wide without cover in the middle stages of the race.

Breakneck Bandit Near the 400 metres raced tightly for some distance on the inside of Danes Ryker which was taken in slightly by Fold which rolled in when improving around the field.

Danes Ryker Near the 400 metres raced tightly between Fold and Breakneck Bandit when taken in slightly by Fold, which rolled in when improving around the field.

Miss Vonlozzi Slow to begin. Rider T Grace lost the use of his whip after dropping it near the 250 metres. Stewards along with riders mentor Peter Hutchinson viewed footage of the race with rider T Grace who allowed the mare to get out of her ground in the early and middle stages of the race. Noting T Graces inexperience, Stewards advised him that in similar circumstances he would be expected to do more to maintain contact with the field and to attempt to work into the race earlier than he did on this occasion.

Race 6 inverugie pastoral and always contracting trophy (3) - 1600 metres:

Can Get A Witness Slow to begin.

Becerikli In the early stages of the race got its head up on several occasions when overracing.

Moss And Me Raced keenly in the early stages of the race.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 2 Belvurn

Race 2 Hay Buddy

Race 4 Shackleys Hill

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 3 Grazie Mille (winner)

Race 5 Fold (winner)

Raceday Summary

Change of Tactics:

Race 3 Punchbowl, ridden with cover




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