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Woolamai Stewards 23rd February 2019
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February 23rd 2019


Good 4






True entire circuit



Stewards Panel:

Ms S Davison, Mr S Cochrane


Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Big John Stud

T Lake

T Grace


Medical Certificate produced today:


Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:

Toby Lake

Did not attend meeting:


Other Comments / Explanations:

After the running of Race 2 rider T Lake was examined by the Racing Victoria Doctor who deemed him unfit to fulfil his remaining engagements.

Race 1 Davey Watersons Bucks Day/san remo hotel trophy race (3) handicap - 1608 metres:

Prior to correct weight, rider of the second placegetter (Heavens Reject) Courtney Pace requested to view the stewards patrol film of the straight. As Courtney Pace and the stewards were satisfied there were insufficient grounds for an objection, correct weight was given on the judges placings.

The Charmer Began awkwardly. Raced keenly in the early and middles stages. Rider Debbie Waymouth reported that the gelding pulled hard early and then was under pressure from the 600m.

Race 2 Reggie horton cup maiden plate 1508 metres:

Allabout Thatbass Performed below market expectations. Eased down from the 250m. Post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. The stable representative R Goodwin was notified that the gelding must now trial to the satisfaction of stewards prior to racing again.

Double Elvis Tactics queried. When questioned regarding her riding, C King explained she was instructed to ride the gelding in a forward position and as the gelding reared at the start she settled further back than intended. She was however satisfied with her position going past the winning post on the first occasion when settled just off the speed. She added the gelding began to over race, and raced close to the heels of Evening Spirit and for this reason she permitted her mount to stride forward outside the leader. When questioned if there was an opportunity for her to restrain her mount instead of sitting outside the leader Super Frankie, C King explained the gelding is one paced, and was travelling well within itself, and for this reason, she maintained her position to the outside of Super Frankie and was unaware of the margin that the two leaders had established from the rest of the field. After reviewing the film, C King agreed with stewards that she had erred in not making a greater effort to restrain her mount. Stewards noted her comments and referred her ride onto picnic rider mentor Peter Hutchinson.

Super Frankie Connections advised intention to be ridden more forward. Led. When questioned regarding the riding of the gelding through the early and middle stages, rider D Waymouth explained that it had been her intention to lead the event, however when pressured by Double Elvis, the gelding over raced and was inclined to race on one rein. She added she would have have liked to have let Double Elvis go, however, every time she restrained her mount in an attempt to come back the gelding continued to over race and she was unable to do so. Stewards noted D Waymouths comments.

Race 3 Bendigo bank cowes open trophy race handicap 2008 metres:

Derek The Viking Performed below market expectations. Rider R Douglas could offer no explanation for the performance and stated the gelding was under pressure from the 600m.

Mr Gogarty Slow to begin and then failed to muster. Passing the 1400m commenced a wide run before settling outside the leader passing the 1100m.

Jaws Of Life Slow to begin. Passing the 600m raced tight to the inside of Mr Gogarty which had shifted in slightly before being straightened by its rider.

Diamond The Lad Raced wide throughout.

Race 4 the wonthaggi club trophy race (1) handicap 1008 metres:

Cosmic Scoop Commenced awkwardly and lost ground.

Makemerich Rider J Vergona reported that his mount failed to respond to his riding rounding the turn and into the straight.

Reward The Misses Slow to begin.

Playboy Spike Slow to begin.

Race 5 the steve manion cup maiden plate 1008 metres:

Big John Stud On jumping away was bumped by Thats All Zariz.

Dream On Monty Slow to begin.

Thats All Zariz Shifted in on jumping away when bumping Big John Stud.

Sneaky Flirt Shifted out on jumping away.

Unbridled Princess On jumping away, tightened for room between Brightful and Sneaky Flirt.

Brightful Shifted in on jumping away.

Race 6 the cape tavern open trophy race handicap 1008 metres:

Prior to correct weight, rider of the fourth placegetter (Simcha) Courtney Pace requested to view the stewards patrol film of the straight. As Courtney Pace and the stewards were satisfied there were insufficient grounds for an objection, correct weight was given on the judges placings.

Go One Better From the 600m laid out.

Robin The Rich Lay in under pressure in the straight.

Riverina Explorer Slow to begin.

Simcha Approaching the 100m raced tightly to the inside of Robin The Rich which shifted in when laying in.

Ten Times Connections advised intention to attempt to ride more conservatively. Restrained towards the rear.

Unruly Student Near the 600m was tightened for room between Major Paterson and Go One Better that shifted out when laying out.









Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 The Charmer

Race 2 Rococo Chanel

Race 3 Jaws of Life


Post race samples from following horses:

Race 1 Our Cee Bee Winner

Race 5 Brightful Winner

Race 6 Go One Better - Winner


Raceday Summary


Horse Actions:

ALLABOUTTHATBASS Poor performance. Must trial to the satisfaction of stewards prior to racing again.

Change of Tactics:

Race 2 - Super Frankie Intention to lead if possible. Led.

Race 6 Ten Times Intention to be further back. Settled towards the rear.










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