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Woolamai Stewards 5th January 2019
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January 5th 2019


Good 3









Stewards Panel:

Samantha Davison (Chairperson), Darren Triandafillou

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Thats All Zariz

C Pace

M Keenan




T Lake

G Seccombe

Became indisposed

Other Comments / Explanations:

Subsequent to race 1 rider T Lake was examined by the Doctor and stood down from his remaining engagement

Race 1 - Happy New Year Open Trophy Race handicap - 2008 metres: - No report

Race 2 - Ryan tronson memorial Cup - open trophy race handicap - 1008 metres:

Urban Explorer (NZ) - Trainer E Musgrove was fined $200 for late race day notification of rider Ms C Pace.

Diamond Geyser (IRE) - Slow to begin.

Playboy Spike - Began awkwardly.

Unruly Student - Stewards opened an inquiry into the ride of Ms P Tait, Evidence was taken from P Tait and trainer R Manning.

P Tait was issued with a charge under the provisions of 135(b) in that as the rider of Unruly Student she failed to take all reasonable and permissible measures throughout the race to ensure that Unruly Student was given full opportunity to win or obtain the best possible place in the field.

The particulars of the charge are:

a) After passing the 500m after P Tait gave her mount a slap down the shoulder and until passing the 250m she failed to put any pressure on her mount to improve into the race when she had opportunity to do so.

b) Between the 250m until approaching the 100m when a run presented between Heavens Reject and Punjab Rocket P Tait failed to ride her mount with sufficient vigour to improve its position when she had opportunity to do so.

As this falls under serious offences, the rules require it to be determined by the RAD Board at a date to be fixed.

A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

Race 3 - the steeza bezza cup - trophy race (1) handicap - 1008 metres:

Cosmic Scoop - Slow to begin, held up for a clear run between 400m to 200m, near the 100m shifted out across the heels of Swanky Lady for clear running

Ragtime - Slow to begin

Race 4 - Mickey gordon island dash - trophy (1) handicap - 1708 metres:

Coureuse Controls - accidently struck over the nose by the whip G Seccombe rider of Johnny Romance

Shes A Headturner - Near the 1000m checked from the heels of Seduced By Fame. Bumped with Poker Run which was giving ground near 250m. Rider S Cooper dropped his right rein passing 100m and as a result he became unbalanced in the saddle.

Race 5 - paint place maiden plate - 1508 metres:

Stagecraft - Rider G Seccombe reported that the gelding hung out badly, made a respiratory noise and was eased down passing 300m, a subsequent veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be suffering cardiac arrhythmia. Trainer M Croston was notified that Stagecraft is not permitted to race until they produce an ECG and veterinary certificate.

Wooped Em Again - Became unbalanced near 1000m.

Race 6 - bendigo bank - grantville open trophy race handicap - 1508 metres:

The Tale Of Aver - Rider G Seccombe was reminded to ride all his mounts out to the end of the race.

Tupelo Boy - when the pace slackened near 100m was allowed to stride and take the lead near 800m.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 - Celestial Sky

Race 3 - Ragtime

Race 4 - Shes A Headturner

Raceday Summary


Race 2 - E Musgrove, $200 late rider

Horse Actions:

Race 3 Stagecraft - Suspended

Adjourned Inquiries:

Race 2 P Tait (RAD Board)





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