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Mansfield Stewards 1st January 2019
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Merton Amateur Turf Club Inc.


Tuesday 1st January 2019


Good 3









Stewards Panel:

Mrs J McSwain (Chairperson), Mr H Brewer, Mr C Pellegrino


Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



High Flying Joe

C Pace

T Grace

Dual Engagement


It Could Be You

C Pace

N Baxter

Dual Engagement

Race 1 LISTER FAMILY MAIDEN - 1150 metres:

High Flying Joe Reared and contacted the top of the barriers as the gates opened, became unbalanced and almost dislodged rider T Grace. During the incident T Grace struck his head on the starting stall infrastructure. Lost ground as a result. Raced ungenerously and hung out beyond the control of its rider near the 800m. Suspended from racing until such time as the horse trials to the satisfaction of stewards in an official trial. A post race veterinary examination revealed a minor abrasion to the horses poll. Tim Grace was examined by the clubs doctor and was deemed suitable to fulfil his remaining engagements.

Vanderlin Brom Jumped awkwardly and lost ground.

Thomas James steadied near the 500m when momentarily tightened for room by Embrace The Force which shifted out.

Wallach Near the 800m had to be checked to avoid the heels of Miss Forbidden when taken out by High Flying Joe which when hanging out shifted out abruptly.

Far Away Star Cast its off hind plate during the running of the race.

Race 2 TAC OPEN TROPHY RACE - 1150 metres:

My Boy Eagle Jumped away awkwardly, shifted in and hampered Trafalgar Belle

Trafalgar Belle Hampered at the start. Laid out under pressure rounding the home turn.

Never Tempted Obtained a run to the inside of Trafalgar Belle rounding the home turn when that mare shifted out when laying out.

Keep Digging Rider G Brunsdon accidentally dropped his whip near the 1000m.


Over And Back Began awkwardly and lost ground. Near the 800m raced ungenerously and got its head up when being restrained and rider R Kirkpatrick became unbalanced as a result. Rider R Kirkpatrick reported his saddle slipped to the offside placing him at a significant disadvantage throughout.

Shackleys Hill Slow to begin. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have severe heat stress. Trainer T Maddox was notified a veterinary clearance is required prior to the gelding being permitted to race again.

Dad And Bris Shed - When over racing near the 800m brushed the running rail and shifted out abruptly.

Race 4 ALPINE CIVIL TROPHY RACE (1) - 1600 metres:

Il Nostro Amico Slow to begin.

Can Get A Witness Fractious in barriers and then commenced awkwardly.

Moss And Me Jumped away awkwardly. Rider T Grace lost the use of his offside rein over the concluding stages.

Miss Vonlozzi Had a tendency to lay in under pressure passing the 100m.

Race 5 ELDERS MERTON CUP - 1900 metres:

Zimmerman Slow to begin.

Defiable Raced wide without cover through the early stages until being allowed to stride forward and take up a position outside the leader near the 1400m.


Harvard Graduate Slow to begin and shortly after was hampered when steadied to avoid the heels of Little Jatz which shifted out.

Little Jatz Fractious in the barriers, commenced awkwardly and lost ground.

Street Prince Performed below market expectations. C Pace rider could offer no explanation for the geldings performance other than to noting the significant rise in class of todays event. A post race veterinary examination revealed that the gelding had a slower than normal recovery rate.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 High Flying Joe

Race 2 Never Tempted

Race 6 Harvard Graduate

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 3 Zai Bu Zai

Race 5 Derek The Viking

Raceday Summary

Horse Actions:

Race 1 High Flying Joe Racing Manners Satisfactory Official Trial.


Race 3 Shackleys Hill - Heat Stress Veterinary clearance required.

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