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Dederang Stewards 17th March 2019
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Dederang Race Club


Saturday 16th March 2019


Good 3




True Position Entire Circuit



Stewards Panel:

Mr Henry Brewer (Chairman), Mr Jeff Anselmi & Mr Charlie Pellegrino

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By







Must produce Medical Certificate prior to riding again:


Did not attend meeting:


Other Comments / Explanations:

As races two, three and five where scheduled to clash with Melbourne races, Stewards without altering the official start time, delayed the start of these races until the completion of the Melbourne races.

Stewards accepted the explanation of trainer B. Triplow for the late arrival on course of Letfly Lilly (Race 1).

Race 1 its grealy great! maiden plate - 1350 metres:

As todays racebook had inadvertently left out horses 6 (Periartie) and 7 (Unbridled Princess), Stewards alerted both the public and betting media on numerous occasions to ensure that everyone was aware that the two horses were runners.

Prior to correct weight apprentice T. Grace, rider of No Sweat (3rd placegetter), viewed the official photo finish image before agreeing with the judges decision and correct weight was declared.

Letfly Lilly Stood flat footed and lost ground (3L).

Aladdin Sane Slow to begin. Had a tendency to lay out rounding the home turn and in the straight.

Periartie Had a tendency to hang out rounding the home turn.

Race 2 coastwide site services trophy race (2) handicap - 1350 metres:

Prior to correct weight D. Dean, rider of Keyser Soze (2nd placegeter), lodged an objection against Something Missing (1st placegetter) on the grounds of alleged interference passing the 500m. It was established the passing the 500m Keyser Soze was steadied when laying out towards the heels of Something Missing, which shifted in slightly. As Stewards were of the opinion that Keyser Soze contributed significantly to the incident the protest was dismissed and correct weight was declared.

Trafalgar Belle Slow to begin.

Sinister Sums After jumping away was slow into stride.

Something Missing Passing the 1000m became unbalanced when hampered by Keyser Soze which shifted out abruptly when laying out badly around the turn.

Keyser Soze Had a tendency to lay out throughout the race. Steadied when laying out passing the 500m. After passing the 300m dipped on two occasions when changing stride.

Race 3 grossotto poll herefords, mawsons concrete & quarries & national heating & cooling trophy (1) handicap - 1000 metres:

Trust In Time When questioned, rider D. Dean stated that he momentarily took hold of his mount near the 400m, when it was commencing to lay out, before then starting to fully ride his mount along near the 300m.

Secret Place Laid out under pressure from the 400m and raced wider on the track.

Race 4 simpsons livestock transport 0-55 handicap - 1350 metres:

Zimmerman Slow to begin.

Race 5 milestone dederang cup - 1650 metres:

Miss Vonlozzi Slow to begin.

Annaman Performed below market expectations. Rider C. Pace reported that she was disappointed in the run and when placed under pressure from the 300m the gelding failed to respond to her riding. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Race 6 alpine shire open trophy race handicap - 1000 metres:

Bad Obsession Slow to begin.

Flying Frog Raced greenly in the early stages. Rider T. Johnson was fined the sum of $200 under the provisions of AR131(b) for failing to ride her mount out fully to the line. In reaching penalty Stewards were of the opinion the T. Johnsons actions cost Flying Frog fourth place.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 No Sweat

Race 2 Keyser Soze

Race 6 Keep The Magic

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 2 Something Missing (winner)

Race 4 Hint Of Moonlight (winner)

Race 5 Earthling (winner)

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:



Race 6 T. Johnson, $200, failed to ride mount fully to line AR131(b)



Severe Reprimands:




Horse Actions:


Change of Tactics:


Adjourned Inquiries:


Follow Ups:







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