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Balnarring Stewards 10th March 2019
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Balnarring Picnic Racing Club Inc.


Sunday March 10th 2019


Good 3







Stewards Panel:

Wade Hadley (Chairman) & Sam Cochrane

Race 1 - Beteasy Trophy Race (1) Handicap - 2000 metres:

Bobby White Sox - hung out rounding the home turn. Rider Dani Walker was questioned in relation to her tactics, in particular why after obtaining the lead she did not cross down to the running rail which allowed Katazyna (NZ) to then obtain a run to her inside passing the 800m. Dani Walker reported that her mount raced greenly and hung out throughout, and she had in fact attempted to shift down towards the running rail, however her mount failed to respond and as a result stayed wider on the track.

Miss Vonlozzi - hung inwards in the home straight and proved difficult to ride out.

Choochoo - a post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have atrial fibrillation and will require a veterinary clearance and ECG prior to racing again and the stable indicated that the gelding would now be retired.

Race 2 - Bob ARNOLD oPEN tROPHY rACE hANDICAP - 2000 metres:

clair Raider - laid inwards in the home straight. Performed below expectations; rider Courtney Pace reported that the gelding was one-paced.

Race 3 - bETEASY mAIDEN pLATE - 1200 metres:

Superior Rose - slow to begin.

Sneaky Flirt - slow to begin.

Groove On - over-raced in the early stages.

Unbridled Princess - raced four wide without cover for the majority of the event. Laid inwards in the home straight.

Malonga - raced wide without cover for the majority of the event.

Wammo - when questioned in relation to his tactics today, rider Toby Lake stated that he was instructed to restrain his mount from the wide barrier to find cover at the rear and ride for luck. He stated that his mount was under pressure throughout to hold its position when being ridden along. His mount was then flat footed at the entrance to the home straight and when making ground in the home straight, he was disappointed for a run near the 100m when Malonga shifted in. He further added that after shifting to the outside of Malonga, Unbridled Princess which was racing wider on the track, laid in and as a result of this he was hesitant to take the run. Toby Lake stated that in hindsight it may have been beneficial for him to come to the outside and attempt to follow Superior Rose into the event, rather than ride for luck. His comments were noted. Trainer Mark Burnell confirmed the instructions and advised that the gelding may be better suited over 1600m.

Race 4 - lUCAS wAINMAN mEMORIAL oPEN tROPHY rACE hANDICAP - 1200 metres:

Hank Scorpio - connections advised would be ridden further back (first start new trainer); restrained from the start to take up a position near the rear of the field. Near the 250m steadied to avoid the heels of Ten Times, which shifted in.

Grazie Mille - slow to begin. Laid inwards in the home straight.

Murphys Corner - was restrained shortly after the start to obtain a position behind the leaders. Near the 700m was steadied and lost ground. Was held up passing the 400m before shifting to the outside and making considerable ground over the concluding stages. Rider Tim Grace was questioned in relation to checking his mount in the early stages and again near the 700m. Tim Grace stated that he felt that his mount was going to shift out abruptly shortly after the start so he elected to steady his mount which resulted in the horse getting its head up and losing ground. In relation to the matter near the 700m, he was being cautious when the runner directly in front of him (Robin The Rich), was steadied by its rider.

Robin The Rich - was held up near the 500m.

Howling Wolf - raced wide without cover.

Paterangi - raced four wide without cover. Eased down in the home straight; rider Courtney Pace stated that she was instructed to ride the gelding in a forward position and when placed under pressure at the entrance to the home straight, the gelding failed to respond and did not feel right in its action. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

Ten Times - laid inwards in the home straight.


Southern Silver - slow to begin. Rider Debbie Waymouth reported that her mount raced fresh today and would derive benefit from the run.

Bettina - slow to begin. Held up for clear running between the 400m and the 300m.

Makemerich - over-raced in the early stages. Raced four wide without cover for the majority of the event.

Hay Buddy - raced wide without cover.

Warrigal Mac - laid in under pressure in the home straight.

Race 6 - jUSTIN gALE bUCKS pARTY oPEN tROPHY rACE hANDICAP - 1600 metres:

Eyes Are Blue (GB) - slow to begin. Laid inwards in the home straight.

Race 7 - bETEASY tROPHY rACE (2) hANDICAP - 1600 metres:

Rosamond - passing the 1400m steadied to avoid the heels of Evening Spirit.

Rocket Strike - over-raced in the early stages.

Swab Samples

Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R1 - Bobby White Sox, R4 - clair Raider

Post race samples from following horses:

R5 - Brightful (winner), R7 - Pistol (NZ) (winner)

Raceday Summary


R3 - Robbie Laing, $100, late rider

Horse Actions:

R1 - Choochoo, atrial fibrillation, veterinary clearance/ECG

Change of Tactics:

R4 - Hank Scorpio














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