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Alexandra Stewards 27th October2018
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27th October, 2018


Good (3)









Stewards Panel:

Mr H Brewer (Chairman), Mr J Anselmi, Mr C Pellegrino.

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



A Good Knight

Natasha Baxter

Caitlin King


Medical Certificate produced today:



Acting on a phone call from trainer Peter Ioannou, who advised that after having float issues, Shazing in Race 5, and Meet The Missus in Race 6 had then been unable to be loaded in reasonable time in a replacement float, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of both horses at 12.18pm.

Race 1 THE MOUNT PLEASANT HOTEL HOMECOMING handicap - 1540 metres:

No report.

Race 2 ANCHORAGE HOUSEBOATS maiden plate - 1540 metres:

Correct weight was delayed to enable Tim Grace, rider of the second placed gelding Grasshopper, and Maddison Morris rider of the third placed mare Lifeinthefasttrain, to view the photo finish of the race. After viewing the photo, both riders were satisfied that the placings as notified were correct, and correct weight was declared.

Hypermarionation Jumped away awkwardly. Raced wide throughout the race.

Grasshopper After jumping away slowly, was hampered by Hypermarionation which shifted out slightly.

Donny East Flyer Subsequent to the running of the race it was discovered that rider Caitlin King had inadvertently weighed out for the race with a 2 kg claim to which she was not entitled, having ridden her 15th winner at the end of last picnic season. After taking evidence from rider Caitlin King, Mr Andrew Henderson representing trainer Adam Burns, and RVs clerk of scales, it was established that an administrative error had occurred which resulted in the Stewards notification of claims sheet, along with the clerk of scales sheet and most other associated paper work incorrectly showing that Ms King was entitled to claim 2 kg, and that she had been weighed out as such, despite not being entitled to claim. As a result it was clear that the gelding had not in fact carried its allotted weight in the race. Stewards ordered that Donny East Flyer be disqualified from the race under the provisions of AR143(a). No action was taken against any of the parties concerned after considering all of the circumstances, including the fact that Donny East Flyer was unplaced in the race, and that there was a range of contributions to the incident occurring, many out of the control of the participants. Stewards will follow up on the reason for incorrect information being able to be distributed, to prevent a similar reoccurrence.


Becerikli slow to begin.

Star Cod slow to begin. Raced wide throughout the race.

Jo Anconi Rider Shaun Cooper became briefly unbalanced when bumped by Tigerdan which shifted out after brushing the running rail.

Tigerdan Brushed the running rail when racing tightly to the inside of Jo Anconi, and as a result shifted out and bumped that mare.

Derek The Viking was steadied over the concluding stages of the race, when taken in by Quick Beers, which was in turn taken in by Tigerdan which rolled in slightly under pressure.

Race 4 EMBLING RURAL handicap - 1300 metres:

Honey Trap after jumping away was slow to muster speed.

Ever The Dream was obliged to race wide in the early and middle stages of the race.

Shackleys Hill was steadied near the 100 metres when bumped and taken out by A Good Knight (Caitlin King) which shifted ground. Caitlin King was advised that in future she would be expected to do more to straighten her mounts when allowing them to shift ground in similar circumstances.

Caitlyn King reprimanded by Stewards for allowing A Good Knight to roll in after passing the winning post resulting in both Miss Sweden and Stormus being tightened for room.


Correct Weight was delayed to allow the rider of third placed gelding Bruin, Dani Walker, and trainer Don Dwyer to view footage of the race prior to deciding not to lodge an objection against Miss Vonlozzi being declared the winner. Caitlin King, rider of the second placed gelding Little Red Rooster also viewed the footage before also deciding against lodging an objection against the winner.

Wooped Em Again slow to begin.

Little Red Rooster was hampered over the concluding stages of the race, when tightened for room by Miss Vonlozzi (Courtney Pace), which when laying in, shifted in. As a result of this incident, Little Red Rooster was unable to be fully ridden out for the last few strides of the race. Courtney Pace was advised that she would be expected to do more to prevent her mounts shifting in than she did at this stage of the race.

Miss Vonlozzi In the straight laid in, and had to be straightened by its rider on two occasions.

Race 6 RUBICON HOTEL MOTEL handicap - 1540 metres:

Jaws Of Life jumped away awkwardly, was then slow into stride, and as a result lost ground.

Jude The Obscure beaten favourite. Rider Grant Seccombe could offer no explanation for todays performance being below market expectations. A subsequent examination by RVs veterinary surgeon revealed no obvious abnormalities.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Defiable

Race 4 Miss Sweden

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 2 Can Get A Witness (winner)

Race 4 Belvurn (winner)

Race 5 Miss Vonlozzi (winner)

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 5 Shazing transport issues.

Race 6 Meet The Missus transport issues.


Race 4 Caitlin King







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