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Yea Stewards 26th January 2017
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26th February 2017


Good (4)









Stewards Panel:

Mr H Brewer (Chairman), Mr J Anselmi, Mr C Pellegrino.

Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By



Bred By Ted

M Corbisiero

C King



Dangerous Sister

D Walker

M Keenan




R Douglas

G Seccombe




M Corbisiero

C Pace




C Pace

C King



Red Rossa

J Peat

C Pace


Other Comments / Explanations:

Rider Matthew Corbisiero, who had to be replaced in both Race 1 and Race 6 due to being overweight, was reprimanded by Stewards. In arriving at penalty Stewards took into consideration his excellent record in this area.

Form update Luskin Belle raced 23rd February Kilmore finishing 2nd of 12 in a 1600m BM58.

Race 1 yarragundry plantations trophy (1) handicap - 1200 metres:

La Rita Slow to begin.

Bar Date Slow to begin.

Bred By Ted near the 50 metres had to be momentarily steadied when taking a neat run to the inside of Silver Slew, which was weakening.

Bar Date held up for clear running and then near the 100 metres had to be steadied when attempting to take a run between The Tale Of Aver, which was weakening quickly, and La Rita (Reece Goodwin) which had a tendency to lay in under pressure. Reece Goodwin was advised to exercise more care in similar circumstances in future.

Slow And Besold rider Natasha Baxter was unable to fully ride her mount out between the 250 metres and the 150 metres after her whip became entangled in her reins.

Race 2 WEBB PASTORALtrophy (3) handicap - 1300 metres:

Charlies Dream After being loaded in its stall, broke through the barriers before being quickly restrained. After being examined by RVs veterinary surgeon, and being passed fit to start, the mare was reloaded into its stall. Rider Caitlin King was reminded of her obligations in respect to use of the whip when out of contention.

Toucandan Rider Reece Goodwin stated to Stewards that his mount was disadvantaged near the 300 metres when the end of his whip became entangled in his reins, and that it took several strides for him to regain his balance, free his whip and resume riding his mount out.

Race 3 - FOODWORKS MAIDEN PLATE - 2100 metres:

Ciao Coni Jumped away awkwardly and then raced greenly in the early stages of the race.

Riders Reece Goodwin(Charles Filou) and Grant Seccombe (Follies) were reminded of the current whip use policy, and were advised for future reference that both riders had exceeded the number of strokes permitted before the 100 metres and were right on the threshold of total strokes permitted before being penalised as a result.

Race 4 neil beer seymour - yea st pats cup- 2100 metres:

Jilly Blu Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground (3 lengths)

Waddawesing hung out when turning out of the straight the first time.

Luskin Belle Hampered turning out of the straight the first time by Waddawesing, which hung out. Hampered near the 1600 metres by Ferrero which was being checked off heels.

Ferrero - Near the 1600 metres had to be checked after clipping the heels of Kilmany, when disappointed for a run to the outside of that gelding. Rider Natasha Baxter was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR137(a) and advised that on this occasion her judgement had been poor, and that in future she would be expected to ensure that ample running was available when attempting to improve her position. Tactics query Stewards questioned rider Natasha Baxter in respect to her decision to remain committed to the inside running, when the opportunity to shift to the outside of Jilly Blu and obtain clear running was available between the 400 metres and the 300 metres. Ms Baxter stated to Stewards that she was hesitant as she had for some time been racing inside the heels of Jilly Blu, and was reluctant to get fully aboard her mount at that stage of the race, as it had previously performed best when held up until late in the race and only had a short sprint. Stewards advised Ms Baxter that in future with her mount travelling well at such a crucial stage of the race, she would be expected to take every opportunity to improve her position, particularly when making a move is likely to enhance her chances of obtaining a clearer passage to the finish. Stewards acknowledged that she had been fortunate to eventually get clear running on this occasion, and that Ms Baxter was still quite inexperienced at race riding, and determined that a further review of her ride in the race at a later stage would be undertaken to assist her for the future.

Nine Mile Sniper near the 1400 metres had to be steadied, when racing on a long rein, and being tightened for room by Waddawesing which rolled in slightly.

Kilmany near the 400 metres had to be eased when racing tightly between Jilly Blu, which shifted out and Luskin Belle which shifted in slightly.

Race 5 yea and district community bank branch trophy (2) handicap - 1600 metres:

Creightons Creek slow to begin. Laid in under pressure in the early part of the straight.

Miss Golden Globe Had a tendency to lay in under pressure over the concluding stages of the race.

Race 6 series - 1600 metres:

Kondoa slow to begin

Befitting slow to begin

Delrazzi Had an inclination to over-race in the early and middle stages of the race. Eased down over the concluding stages after weakening badly from the 100 metres. A subsequent examination of the mare by RVs veterinary surgeon revealed no obvious abnormalities.

Rum Ranger On return to scale, rider Toby Lake advised Stewards that he felt that there may have been something amiss with the geldings action over the concluding stages of the race. A subsequent examination of the gelding by RVs veterinary surgeon revealed no obvious abnormalities.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 1 Slow And Besold

Race 4 Luskin Belle

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 2 Bonify (winner)

Race 4 Lardner Lou (winner)

Raceday Summary


Races 1 & 6 M Corbisiero (replaced due to overweight)

Severe Reprimands:

Race 4 N Baxter (careless riding)






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