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Dederang Stewards 7th January 2017
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Saturday 7th January 2017


Good 4, Upgraded to a Good 3 at 12.40pm




True Position Entire Circuit

Stewards Panel:

Mr Henry Brewer (chair) & Mr Charlie Pellegrino


Riding Changes / Jockey Information


Other Comments / Explanations:

Due to the high temperatures expected today Stewards implemented RVs Hot Weather Policy prior to the running of Race 1.

Following the running of R1 Stewards upgraded the track to a Good 3 at 12.40pm.

As no rider was available Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Bennys Jet (R4) at 11.50am.

As no rider was available Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Luskin Bell (R5) at 10.02am.

Race 1 simpsons livestock maiden plate - 1350 metres:

Effigy Slow to begin. Uncompetitive trainer T. Sutherland was notified that a warning would be placed against the gelding for its performance today and should it perform in a similar manner in the future further action may be taken. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any obvious abnormalities.

Big Brown Aye Slow to begin.

Freddie Be Good Had a tendency to lay out throughout the race.

Captain Dan Had a tendency to over-race in the middle stages.

Coogee Beach Boy Had difficulty obtaining clear running from the 100m to the 50m before shifting to the inside of Happy Clown. Over the last 30m of the race raced tightly between Happy Clown and Dad N Bris Shed.

Race 2 howman ag service & pinnacle angus trophy (2) handicap - 1350 metres:

Secretwina Slow to begin.

Giftant Slow to begin. Rider T. Lake stated that in his opinion the mare did not handle todays track conditions.

Secret Place Raced wide without cover in the middle stages.

Dream On Stan Laid in under pressure in the straight. Rider R. Goodwin stated that the horse performed poorly today and that it felt uncomfortable and laid in during the event. He added that in his opinion the gelding did not appreciate the Victorian way of going.

Race 3 elks hunting and fishing trophy (1) handicap - 1000 metres:

Hunzolo Slow to begin. Rider A. Comb was severely reprimanded under the provisions of AR137A(5)(a)(i) for using her whip in consecutive strides on three occasions prior to the 100m. Stewards took into account Ms Combs previous good record in respect to whip issues. Ms Comb was also reminded of her obligations under the rules of racing in relation to her subsequent use of the whip when no longer in contention.

Toucandan Obliged to race wide rounding the home turn.

Tearful Kitty Raced wide without cover throughout.

Prairie Moon Laid in under pressure rounding the home turn. Shifted in near the 200m, when laying in, and bumped with Mi Fletcher San.

Mi Fletcher San Bumped near the 200m by Prairie Moon, which shifted in.

Race 4 dial before you dig & grossotto poll herefords 0-55 handicap - 1350 metres:

Frisky Cruiser A pre-race Veterinary examination upon arrival at the barriers on request of rider C. Pace revealed the mare to be lame in the near foreleg. Acting on this, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Frisky Cruiser on Veterinary advice at 2.22pm. Trainer R. Green was notified that he will be required to provide a Veterinary Clearance before the horse is accepted to race again.

Stewards orders in relation to betting were: All monies bet for a win and/or place and concession betting on the late scratching to be refunded. All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket: Win Bets - 11 cents, Place Bets (For Winner) - 11 cents, Place Bets (For 2nd) 19 cents *All monies bet after the Stewards declaration of withdrawal to be paid at face value of ticket.

Deni Flyer Slow to begin.

Benet Slow to begin.

Keep The Magic Raced wide without cover rounding the home turn.

Race 5 milestone dederang cup - 1650 metres:

Razzle Dazzle Rock A Veterinary examination of the gelding on arrival on course revealed the gelding to be lame in the near foreleg. Acting on this, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Razzle Dazzle Rock on Veterinary advice at 2.05pm. Trainer M. Jarvis was notified that he will be required to provide a Veterinary Clearance before the horse is accepted to race again.

Befitting Jumped away awkwardly and lost considerable ground (4L).

Staretto Slow to begin. Rider M. Keenan, when questioned as to the reason he did not improve his position in the back straight when the opportunity to do so was available, stated that he had been instructed to ride the horse in a rearward position and as a result did not make his move until near the 400m, resulting in the horse making up a moderate amount of ground in the straight. He further added that in retrospect, he should have done more to position the mare closer to the rest of the field, sooner than he did on this occasion. Stewards noted M. Keenans explanation.

Mr Sommerville Obliged to race wide to improve its position rounding the home turn.

Race 6 alpine shire open trophy handicap - 1000 metres:

Little Queen Became fractious when leaving the mounting the yard, and dislodged rider C.Pace. Rider C.Pace was examined by the RVs medical staff and passed fit to ride. Little Queen on arrival at the barriers was examined by RVs Veterinary Surgeon and passed fit to race.

Cross Of Gold = Slow to begin. Dipped in the going near the 200m.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

R2 Yawkey Way

R4 Tysons Tiger

R5 Nine Mile Sniper

Post race samples from following horses:

R4 Im Peter (winner)

R5 Nine Mile Sniper (winner)

R6 Little Queen (winner)

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

R4 Bennys Jet, 11.50am, order of Stewards

R4 Frisky Cruiser, 2.22pm, Veterinary advice

R5 Luskin Belle, 10.02, order of Stewards

R5 Razzle Dazzle Rock, 2.05pm, Veterinary advice

Severe Reprimands:

R3 - A.Comb consecutive whip use

Horse Actions:

R4 Frisky Cruiser, lame , Vet cert required

R5 Razzle Dazzle Rock, lame near foreleg, Vet cert required




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