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Alexandra Stewards 25th March 2017
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25th March, 2017


Good (4)









Stewards Panel:

Mr H Brewer (Chairman), Mr D Torpy.


Riding Changes / Jockey Information




Replaced By




Caitlin King

Sophie Logan


Medical Certificate produced today:

Craig Kirkpatrick

Did not attend meeting:

Caitlin King

Race 1 glencoe group trophy race (3) handicap - 1540 metres:

Calmalist Jumped away awkwardly. Near the 800 metres, rolled out on the turn, taking Happy Clown out wider on the track.

Happy Clown Near the 800 metres taken wider on the track by Calmalist which rolled out.

Race 2 reddrop foodworks supermarkets maiden plate - 1300 metres:

Coombe Wood Jumped away awkwardly.

Celtic Fortune Slow to begin.

High Flying Joe Raced ungenerously in the early and middle stages of the race, and got its head up when being restrained on several occasions. In the early part of the straight, had to change course to the inside of Moss And Me, which had commenced to weaken to obtain clear running.

Moss And Me Rider Max Keenan stated that his mount, which was in the market, weakened earlier than expected and he could offer no explanation other than he believed the gelding was slightly underdone, had not been in work for a long period, and would benefit from todays outing.

Race 3 landmark harcourt re trophy race (2) handicap - 1300 metres:

Lisboa Eagle Slow to begin. Rider Craig Kirkpatrick stated to Stewards that after getting to the lead, his mount weakened quickly from the 400 metres when placed under pressure. A subsequent inspection by RVs veterinary surgeon revealed that the gelding had a slower than normal recovery rate.

Kenji Doll Slow to begin. Raced wide without cover in the early stages. On return to scale, was discovered to have sustained a bleeding attack during the running of the race. A post-race veterinary examination of Kenji Doll confirmed the presence of blood at both nostrils. Kenji Doll shall not without permission of the Stewards: (a) be trained, exercised or galloped on any racecourse for a period of two months thereafter; (b) start in any race for a period of three months, and then only after a satisfactory gallop of at least 1,000 metres in the presence of a Steward.

Shes Miss Lippy Rider Grant Seccombe accidentally dropped his whip passing the 200 metres, which left him at a disadvantage for the remainder of the race.

Race 4 rubicon hotel motel open trophy race handicap - 1300 metres:

Miss Eeyore On arrival on course, was found to have sustained an injury during the float trip. An inspection by RVs veterinary surgeon confirmed that the mare was not fit to take part in the race and, as a result, Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Miss Eeyore at 1.40pm on veterinary advice.

La Rita Slow to begin. Raced wide without cover when making ground in the middle stages of the race.

Redial Jumped away awkwardly and was slow into stride. Was obliged to race wide in the early stages of the race.

Ultra Ego Rider Courtney Pace reported to Stewards that her saddle commenced to slip forward in the early part of the straight, and progressively shifted further forward as she attempted to ride the mare out, such that just prior to the winning post she could no longer continue to do so.

Race 5 2017 alexandra cup - 1540 metres:

Wild And Proud - After becoming fractious and being momentarily caught up in the barriers, the gelding subsequently underwent an examination by RVs veterinary surgeon, and was deemed unfit to race. The gelding was withdrawn by Stewards at 4.03pm.

Subsequent to the race, Stewards declared correct weight subject to the following deductions:

All monies bet for a win and/or place and concession betting on the late scratching to be refunded.

All successful bets on horses prior to time of withdrawal are subject to the following deductions in the dollar from the face value of the ticket:

Win Bets My Dancing Duel - 10 cents

Place Bets (For Winner) My Dancing Duel - 9 cents

Place Bets (For 2nd) Rock It Doc 11 cents

Place Bets (For 3rd) Nine Mile Sniper 11 cents

*All monies bet after the Stewards declaration of withdrawal to be paid at face value of ticket.

Nine Mile Sniper - Slow to begin and then had to be steadied off the heels of Guilty As Charged, which shifted out slightly away from My Dancing Duel which jumped outwards.

My Dancing Duel Jumped away awkwardly and shifted out.

Guilty As Charged shortly after the start hampered when taken out by My Dancing Duel.

Chow Meow Raced wide without cover in the early and middle stages of the race.

Luskin Belle Near the 200 metres, rider Matt Corbisiero accidentally dropped his whip, leaving him at a disadvantage for the remainder of the race. Approaching the 50 metres, bounded over a section of discoloured track that is used as a crossing for the golf course.

Heres To A King Had a tendency to lay in under pressure in the straight.

Race 6 charly daniels 60th open trophy race handicap - 1830 metres:

No report.


Pre-race blood for post-race analysis:

Race 5 Luskin Belle

Race 5 Rock It Doc

Post race samples from following horses:

Race 2 Shes A Bee (winner)

Race 5 My Dancing Duel (winner)

Raceday Summary

Late Scratchings:

Race 4 Miss Eeyore veterinary advice.

Race 5 Wild And Proud veterinary advice

Horse Actions:

Race 3 Kenji Doll bleeder (suspended 3 months)

Race 4 Miss Eeyore (late scratching) veterinary certificate required




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