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2011-2012 Picnic Cup Results
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Mansfield Picnic Cup 1st November 2011
1st Red Maloney 7/2
Jockey A. Bodey Trainer J. Crosbie
2nd Blonde Brigade 5/4 Fav.
Jockey H. Bacon Trainer G. Egan
3rd Gunnagetit 3/1
Jockey C. Douglas Trainer N. Robb

Drouin Picnic Cup 26th December 2011
1st Initial Response 13/4
Jockey A. Bodey Trainer G. Gascoyne
2nd Difference 5/2 Fav.
Jockey C. Kirkpatrick Trainer D. Brown
3rd Forge 7/2
Jockey D. Daniel Trainer P. Kramer
Merton Picnic Cup 1st January 2012
1st Initial Response Ev Fav.
Jockey C. Kirkpatrick Trainer G. Gascoyne
2nd Overacting 7/2
Jockey M. Schrapel Trainer D. Elliot
3rd Working Class 12/1
Jockey P. Kelly Trainer M. Quadara
No Video Available Pakenham Picnic Cup 1st January 2012
1st Music Lover 5/2 Fav.
Jockey C. Jones Trainer K. Brewster
2nd Hammer Trigger Ev Fav.
Jockey P. Tait Trainer L. Dunstone
3rd Sheza Ranga 13/2
Jockey L. Taylor Trainer A. Sheehan
No Video Available Dederang Picnic Cup 7th January 2012
1st Costa Mucho 6/4
Jockey H. Bacon Trainer S. Thompson
2nd King's Council 5/4 Fav.
Jockey P. Kelly Trainer T. Sutherland
3rd Zare 5/1
Jockey M. Corisiero Trainer K. Rose
Healesville Picnic Cup 14th January 2012
1st Music Lover 11/4
Jockey S. Waddell Trainer K. Brewster
2nd Wings on Track 15/4
Jockey Cory Jones Trainer Q. Scott
3rd Esta Fiesta 8/1
Jockey N. Newton Trainer T. Meade
Balnarring Picnic Cup 26th January 2012
1st Acosta 11/2
Jockey Ms D. Waymouth Trainer R. Waymouth
2nd Kissy Lips 11/2
Jockey R. Douglas Trainer P. Carey
3rd Tuscany Lad 15/1
Jockey Ms C. Pace Trainer Q. J. Scott
Yea Picnic Cup 28th January 2012
1st Portogilero 8/1
Jockey Ms R. Mangan Trainer V. Proctor
2nd Logical Lad 11/2
Jockey C. Jones Trainer J. Pallot
3rd Mirages 13/8 Fav.
Jockey R. Kirkpatrick Trainer R. Stageman
Woolamai Picnic Cup 11th February 2012
1st Sir Brief 15/2
Jockey Ms C. Jones Trainer R. Post
2nd Encroacher 4/1
Jockey J. Lynch Trainer R. Maund
3rd Initial Response
Jockey C. Douglas Trainer G. Gascoyne
Buchan Picnic Cup 18th February 2012
1st Haka Brave 10/9 Fav.
Jockey Cory Jones Trainer C. Murray
2nd Jumbojet Miss 9/1
Jockey D. Walker Trainer R. Vella
3rd My Josephine 6/1
Jockey Jarrod Lynch Trainer N. Robb
Yea St Pats Cup 26th February 2012
1st Logical Lad 5/2
Jockey Cory Jones Trainer Jackson Pallot
2nd Caratime 25/1
Jockey Caitline Jones Trainer Angela Fleay
3rd Jotilla 2/1 Fav.
Jockey Courtney Pace Trainer Patrick Payne
Alexandra Cup 10th March 2012
1st Music Lover 5/1
Jockey Caitlin Jones Trainer Karyn Brewster
2nd Second Storm 20/1
Jockey Rob Kirkpatrick Trainer Rob Kirkpatrick
3rd Mulhim 8/1
Jockey Cory Jones Trainer Dona McQueen
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