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Past News 26th & 27th December 2008
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Report for Drouin 26th & Mansfield 27th December 2008

Full results for Drouin 26th December 2008. View the days happenings at the Gallery.
Full results for Mansfield 27th December 2008. View the days happenings at the Gallery

Blackbook wins the Drouin Cup..
Video courtesy of Video Air Services, servicing all your picnic video & photography needs.
Saidin wins the the three horse war !.
Video courtesy of Video Air Services, servicing all your picnic video & photography needs.
Merton Picnic Races New Years Day Thursday 1st January 2008
What better way to spend New Years Day than recovering under the elms at Merton Picnic Races.
Picnic racing at Merton has been held at Merton since 1865 traditionally racing on New Years Day making us one of the oldest picnic clubs still racing. This picnic meeting attracts in excess of 1000 people many of them being visitors (tourists) to the area. ....more

Pakenham Picnic Races New Years Day

The Pakenham Picnic Racing Club will be conducting their famous New Years Day Picnic Race Meeting again on Tuesday, January 1.
The club first raced in 1875 and the day is always a great family and social occasion eagerly anticipated each year by parishioners, members and public, some who have been attending for many years. It is a festive occasion where many acquaintances are renewed and a relaxed spirit pervades the course and immaculate surroundings ....more

Full Picnic Race Dates for 2008 -2009 Season
Full Race Program for 2008-2009 Season

This season the betting fluctuations of races during the course of betting will be published to the Approx. Betting Odds section of the website. For patrons that cannot get to the races or betting ring and want an indication of the odds on offer before betting this is a great innovation.

You can then bet via the Racing Victoria Telephone Betting system. To open a Telephone Betting account with Peter Bon visit PicnicBet.com so you can avail yourself of this new capability.

m. for Mobiles
You can also access the odds from your mobile phone browser via the address m.picnicbet.com

Whether offcourse or oncourse, from the betting ring to the marquees to the stables you can readily get the markets and conveniently place a bet at either Peter Bon's Top Fluctuation or the current odds on offer.

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